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E. CLEMFAN (W.A.) COMPANY LIMITED is a fully integrated company incorporated in Nigeria as a limited company.

Our business includes the Marketing of COOLING SYSTEMS to discerning Companies and Individuals in Nigeria. Our Company has the capabilities for installing, maintaining and servicing of Air Conditioning Systems. We are well positioned to design customized cooling and heating systems for Hotels, Hospitals and other facilities that require frequent use of such systems.

E. CLEMFAN undertakes the installation and maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems and provides after sales services for cooling and heating systems designed for residential buildings, public and commercial buildings, leisure centres and industrial installations.

Our maintenance program incorporate total flexibility to provide clients with a service tailored to their individual needs.  The Company has a technical expertise to service all mechanically and electrical oriented equipment, as well as Public Health Services, from periodic mobile site visit to dedicated personnel resident on site.  E. CLEMFAN maintenance is in the unique position of being part of a service organisation able to provide turnkey operation, having in-house specialist skills for the major element of a service contract.

Did you know that you could recover heat from industrial processes?

Heat recovery captures waste heat energy and reuses it by returning it to systems or processes. This can include heating space and water. The cost benefits of a heat recovery system depend largely on the type and scale of the installation, but heat recovery can give substantial long-term energy savings. It often reduces the need to generate heat in the first place, making further energy and cost savings.

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