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We are a professional Company and we pay particular attention to after sales service, backed-up with adequate spare parts and engineering support for the various ranges of Cooling Systems. The irreproachable quality of our products and services enables us to maintain excellent reputation and the confidence of our customers.

Our integrity and commitment to supply only authenticated parts is testament to the responsibility we have adopted and the business we conduct.  Genuine spare parts give continuous reliable system operation.  They are tested to precise quality standards, and supported by comprehensive back-up benefit from experienced manufacturing and unlimited availability.

We have a competent, tested, and very reliable engineering team, proficient in installation, servicing, repairs and maintenance of  Cooling Systems.

Our customers can take advantage of an unparallel combination of equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance, all covered by an internationally recognized quality assurance system.  Our maintenance capability, which extends across all Air Conditioning and other Cooling Systems including industrial plant installations, high-rise building, hospitals and hotels, offer quality approved services at realistic prices.

Our growing clientele cut across all sectors of the economy.



Did you know that you could recover heat from industrial processes?

Heat recovery captures waste heat energy and reuses it by returning it to systems or processes. This can include heating space and water. The cost benefits of a heat recovery system depend largely on the type and scale of the installation, but heat recovery can give substantial long-term energy savings. It often reduces the need to generate heat in the first place, making further energy and cost savings.

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