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At E. CLEMFAN, we incorporate world class technologies that are enviromentally friendly. These technologies meets ISO standards and regulations, they also pass the GREEN test and requirements.


In preserving the environment, the following technology is applied in  Ozone-friendly gas Air-Conditioners:

  1. High efficiency plate heat exchangers to reduce the amount of refrigerant required.
  2.  The refrigerant charge is confined within the unit.
  3.  The R407C refrigerant is used.
  4.  The Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is equal to 0.
  5.  The Global Warming Potential is low.
  6.  The packaging is recyclable and,
  7.  The noise level is the lowest in the market.

Our Ozone-friendly gas Air-Conditioners are both Mini and Multi Split Units. We also have them in Packaged units, Cassettes, Fan Coil Units Blowers and Chillers.


Absorption chillers use the earths most environment friendly refrigerant -WATER-, which is totally free of ozone depletion and global warming effects. By using waste heat or clean burning natural gas these machines are responsible for far less carbon dioxide production and acid rain producing emissions per kW of cooling than electrically driven machines.

In contrast to many absorption chillers using chromates or arsenates as corrosion inhibitors, we have absorption chillers that use molybdate inhibitors, which are not classified as hazardous waste.

As absorption chillers are not electrically driven, considerable operating cost savings can be realized especially when compared to electric driven machines operating at peak load demand kW-hour periods.

Did you know that you could recover heat from industrial processes?

Heat recovery captures waste heat energy and reuses it by returning it to systems or processes. This can include heating space and water. The cost benefits of a heat recovery system depend largely on the type and scale of the installation, but heat recovery can give substantial long-term energy savings. It often reduces the need to generate heat in the first place, making further energy and cost savings.

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